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The Hydroxinator is what makes your pool a MagnaPool®. Working on the principle of electrolysis, it sanitises the water, keeping it crystal clear and giving it a silky smooth feeling against your skin.


Available In-store Only



This is an easy-to-use fully-automated system, features include:

  • Reverse polarity cell: This helps you to keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum
  • Reverse Polarity electrode system: This helps to protect the cells plates and prolong the life of the Hydroxinator
  • Ability to schedule operational times and set output levels
  • One touch boost and low modes functionality: Allowing you to adjust output depending on daily requirements
  • Variable Sanitizer Output
  • In built pump protection
  • On board troubleshooting
  • Digital controls


Available models:

Magnapool Mid Hydrox - Suitable for pools up to 70,000L

Magnapool Lge Hydrox - Suitable for pools up to 100,000L


3 Year Warranty

Zodiac Magnapool Hydroxinator Mineral Pool Sanitiser

SKU: WW000003
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