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This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a trained technician



No matter what you’re seeking in your swimming pool heater, the Turbotemp heater measures up. Compare it’s list of features to any other and you’ll see why Turbotemp heaters are setting a new standard for total value.



  • Very compact design.
  • A fully pre-mixed burner system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture.
  • Hot surface ignition eliminating the requirement for a pilot.
  • Push button digital controls with easy to view rotating display.
  • Engineered for super quiet operation.
  • Certified for low NOx emissions.
  • Safe operation through a series of features including:-
    • Water pressure switch
    • Over temperature switch
    • Stack flue sensor
    • Manual gas shut-off for servicing
  • Approved for installation on combustible surfaces.
  • All models measure 53.3cm(L) x 53.3cm(W) and 71.1cm(H)
  • Natural Gas and Propane models


Available models:

Turbotemp 125MJ - Natural Gas

Turbotemp 125MJ - LPG


Turbotemp  200MJ - Natural Gas

Turbotemp 200MJ - LPG


Turbotemp 300MJ - Natural Gas

Turbotemp 300MJ - LPG


Turbotemp 400MJ - Natural Gas

Turbotemp 400MJ - LPG

Waterco Turbotemp Gas Pool Heating

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