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This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a trained technician


Micron ECO filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Micron fibreglass vessels consist of an inner shell of fibreglass reinforced with multiple layers of continuous strands of fibreglass filaments.


The Micron ECO operates on the basis of “Depth Filtration”; dirt is driven through the filter bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of filter media allowing the cleansed water to pass through the filter’s laterals and exit via the filter’s Multiport valve.



  • Durable fibreglass construction
  • UV resistant materials
  • High flow lateral design
  • Quick connect unions on multi port valve
  • High quality oil filled stainless steel pressure guage


Available models:

S500 - 20" Tank 40mm MPV

S600 - 25" Tank 40mm MPV

S602 - 25" Tank 50mm MPV (High Flow MPV)

S702 - 28" Tank 50mm MPV (High Flow MPV)


10 Year warranty on tank

12 Month warranty on MPV 

Waterco Micron S Series Sand Filter

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