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This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a trained technician


The Hydrochlor chlorinator works with a standard salt pool and also with Waterco’s Mineral Crystals to transform your pool in a therapeutic oasis.


Latest Switch Mode power technology has been incorporated to increase energy efficiency by over 50%, significantly reducing power consumption. Hydrochlor draws less current and this translates to high power conversion and less energy wastage, without compromising chlorine output.


Hydrochlor’s Power Pack intelligently recognises the size of the connected chlorinator cell and automatically adjusts its power output automatically. Hydrochlor’s new self-cleaning chlorinator cell features a serial parallel design that enhances chlorine production, whilst requiring less energy.



  • Easy to program analogue time clock
  • Battery back up to save your settings in the event of a power failure
  • Reverse polarity electrode reduces maintenance and cleaning


Available models:

Hydrochlor MK3 2000 - suitable for pools up to 50,000L

Hydrochlor MK3 2500 - suitable for pools up to 70,000L

Hydrochlor MK3 3000 - suitable for pools up to 90,000L


2 Year warranty

Waterco Hydrochlor MK3 Mineral Chlorinator

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