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This product is sold with installation included, and must be installed by a trained technician


Waterco’s Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator makes your pool smarter by automatically taking care of sanitisation, filtration and auxiliary equipment so you don’t have to! 



  • Easy-to-read display screen: a snapshot of your pool’s temperature and everything you need to know about your pool’s current functions are clearly displayed in one place.
  • Variable speed pump compatibility: automatically changes the speed of your Waterco variable speed pump at the desired cycle if required.
  • Dual-pump control: control another pump in conjunction with a variable speed pump simultaneously, which means you can operate your in-floor pool cleaning pump or pressure pool cleaner at the same time as your main pool pump.
  • Actuator control: connect a valve actuator to divert water flow and activate the correct speed on a variable speed pump for your pool’s water feature or for in-floor pool cleaning.
  • Easily manage auxiliary equipment: switch on and off lights, ozone generators and other auxiliary equipment using a secondary General Purpose Outlet (GPO) which can be activated independently or set in conjunction with other pool equipment.
  • No water flow detection: Electrochlor is smart enough to detect if there is no flow to the pool and adjusts the speed of a variable speed pump to overcome low water flow. If adequate water flow is not restored, the pump will switch off to prevent potential damage to your pool equipment.
  • Low chlorine mode: low chlorine production can be easily activated via a pool cover or a pool controller by sending a signal to the chlorinator.
  • Built-in alarm system: Electrochlor takes the guesswork out of maintaining pool equipment by displaying alarm messages in the event of a malfunction.
  • Quick troubleshooting: a diagnostic menu helps service technicians quickly identify potential issues.


Available models:

Electrochlor Mineral 2000 - suitable for pools up to 50,000L

Electrochlor Mineral 2500 - suitable for pools up to 70,000L

Electrochlor Mineral 3000 - suitable for pools up to 90,000L


3 Year warranty

Waterco Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator

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