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The Admiral ATV-NAV is self driven by three internal motors and it’s equipped with an easy-to-use wireless, hand-held remote control. This ensures it’s ideal for spot cleaning and manoeuvring the cleaner to high debris built-up areas.


Additionally, the ATV-NAV’s navigation system prevents the cleaner from getting caught on any obstacles, and its intelligent programming sends the cleaner in a different direction every time, further improving pool coverage.


Key features :

  • Remote control: A convenient and easy-to-use wireless, hand-held remote control that’s perfect for spot cleaning and difficult to clean areas
  • Intelligent navigation: Ensures even greater pool coverage
  • 3 motors: Two drive motors to drive the front and rear brush, which means it has increased torque and efficiency and turns easily
  • Operates on 120 watts of power
  • Scrubs the pool floor, walls and steps. It’s able to climb walls and has a stronger scrubbing action from its 2 direct drive motors
  • Two sets of continuous traction wheels to enhance climbing performance
  • Operates for three hours (the extra time to clean the walls of the pool)
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Suitable for vinyl liner, fibreglass, tile and concrete residential pools up to 9m x 12m


2 Year Warranty

WaterCo Admiral ATV-NAV Robotic Cleaner

SKU: 326374
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