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The top opening, reliable robotic cleaner for pools up to 10m in length. With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning, including the difficult-to-reach angle where the floor meets the walls.



  • Cycle time 3 hours
  • Cable 18 m
  • Swivel on cable Prevents cable tangling
  • Filtration - Cartridge dual level
  • Brushes – Combined brushes matches all pool terrains
  • Weight 9 Kg
  • Suction rate 16 m³ per hour
  • Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
  • Power supply – digital switch-mode Output
  • DIY Easy maintenance; repairable at dealer level
  • Stand Included


2 Year warranty

Maytronics Dolphin M3 Robotic Pool Cleaner

SKU: 99996403-AU
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