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MadiMack InverFlow Pro - View Brochure/Tech specs


InverMAC Enhanced Inverter Technology

Madimack’s enhanced inverter technology, InverMAC, is engineered to support inverter motor operation. The inclusion of product specific proprietary technology allows for precise control of motor speed and energy usage across our range. InverMAC technology supports Madimack’s overall position of unrivalled innovation, sustainability and performance. By incorporating inverter motor technology in creative and unique ways, Madimack is leading the way in the development of energy-efficient products.



  • Full Inverter technology - Precise control of speed, including automatic adjustments for capacity between 30-100%

  • Centrifugal Impeller technology - Advanced systems utilising the latest in centrifugal impellar technology

  • DC brushless motor - DC Brushless motor delivering an almost silent experience, optimised efficiencies and durability

  • Advanced Sound Suppression Technology

  • Flow Reading

  • Power Consumption Reading

  • Active Energy Monitor - Real time energy monitor

  • Adaptive Flow Technology - Intuitively adjusted flow rates to match capacity needs, providing significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear.

  • MEPS - Delivering market-leading energy efficiency

  • No-Flow Protection - Intuitive product protection

  • WIFI - Can be controlled at anytime, anywhere.


4 Year Warranty

MadiMack InverFlow Pro Multi-Speed Pump

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