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The GT560 Robotic Pool Cleaner is enhanced with a suite of features to ensure the superior and efficient cleaning of your pool. Equipped with: intelligent path cleaning, automatic and manual controls, an enormous 6.2L basket, Madimack’s Aqua-Grip technology and the highest volume of water turnover for overall filtration capacity, the GT560 is your pool partner for superior cleaning of fine and large debris.


Powerful and efficient operation; advanced inverter technology; a whopping 560 litre/min filtration capacity and full control via the Madimack APP;  the GT560 will leave your swimming pool cleaner and your energy bills lower.



  • Inverter Technology - Energy saving technology that eliminates wasted operation providing cost saving benefits and ensuring outstanding performance.

  • 560L/min Filtration Capacity & Double Layered Filters - Engineered to deliver a complete pool cleaning experience. GT560 picks up more debris and has a higher filter/ water turn over rate than any other Robotic Pool Cleaner on the market.

  • Superior Climbing Action - The GT560 combines advanced hardware and software to ensure efficient and effective floor, walls and edge of pool cleaning.

  • Suitable for all pool shapes & surfaces

  • Anti-Tangling Technology - Allows uninterrupted swivel proof cleaning

  • Smart Features - One touch remote cleaning

  • Effort free intelligent control 

  • Wireless Enabled & APP Functionality

  • Dual active brushes for superior scrubbing performance

  • 6.2L basket - fine and large debris

  • Wireless Enabled & APP Functionality

  • Brushless Motor Durability


2 Year Warranty

Madimack GT560 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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