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Product Description

The new AquaVac® 500 comes equipped with a microprocessor-based program that determines the most efficient cleaning path possible. With its Dual-Mode technology, it is now possible to choose from just two cleaning programs: a fast Bottom only or a deep full Bottom, Wall and Waterline cleaning. Pool owners can simply select the cleaning frequency that best matches their pool debris load, and AquaVac® 500 gets to work, using powerful, dual scrubbing brushes that scrub and vacuum the entire pool. Working independently of the pool filtration system, it uses 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners and can pay for itself in little over a year, depending on local energy rates. Discover why AquaVac® 500 is the most efficient, self-sufficient cleaning solution on the market.


  • Sleek, low-profile design with wheels that navigate VGBA compliant main drains.
  • Top-access debris container allows for quick debris removal and easy cleanup.
  • New microprocessor-based program calculates the most efficient cleaning path.
  • Features Dual-Mode technology with two cleaning programs: fast 90 minute Bottom only or deep 3-hours Bottom, Wall and Waterline cleaning.
  • Integrated Recurring Timer allows you to choose cleaning frequencies every 24, 48 or 72 hours.
  • Includes a Clean Now option that doesn't repeat.
  • With two scrubbing brushes and four wheels it navigates virtually any obstacles, pool surfaces and easily climb walls.
  • Cord Swivel just about eliminates cord tangling.
  • Uses up to 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners by operating independently from the pool's filtration system.


3 Year Warranty

Hayward AquaVac 500 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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