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Keep your pH in check and pool crystal clear all year round with the use of a Davey pH peristaltic automatic acid dosing pump.



• Residential backyard swimming pools



  • Automatically doses and maintains safe pH acid levels in your pool
  • Maximises the value and enjoyment of your pool
  • Low maintenance, less chemicals to handle and use
  • Easy to install - plug and play
  • Has low pH and high alarms which stop the pump and displays the current status
  • Compliments and assists in the disinfection of salt water chlorinators, chlorine and liquid chlorine systems
  • 100% compatible with pool acid commonly used to help balance your pool pH levels
  • Suitable for aftermarket and other non Davey chlorinators*
  • pH probe lead length is 5 metres.


* For installation information and advice on connecting with Davey and non Davey Chlorinators please read the installation and operating instructions supplied with the product, or contact us at

Davey pH Pump & Control for Automatic pH Managment

SKU: M5138
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