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The Davey Crystal Clear cartridge filter has been specially designed for the swimming pool owner who is after clean water without the higher cost of backwashing.


The range on offer suits small to medium sized swimming pools and are designed for easy installation and maintenance.


Supplied with a pressure gauge to identify when cleaning is required, the Davey Crystal Clear cartridge filter range is perfect for low flow pumping and for use with the Davey PowerMaster ECO and Silensor ECO swimming pool pumps.



  • Less water use due to not having to backwash the filter
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • ABS tank construction is robust and UV resistant
  • Low profile design
  • 2 inlet port and a single outlet offer options for difficult installations


Available models:

CC50 - 50sqft Area

CC75 - 75sqft Area

CC100 - 100sqft Area

CC150 - 150sqft Area

CC175 - 175sqft Area

CC225 - 225sqft Area


10 Year warranty on tank

Davey Crystal Clear Cartridge Filter

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