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The Chemigem D10 Water Management System measures water quality and adds precise doses of chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in. With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” method of dosing by hand are a thing of the past. Pool water chemistry is regulated automatically providing optimum levels of water sanitation while using less chlorine and acid. This means you get a better result and save money!


Whenever your pump is running, your Chemigem is working. The Chemigem tests the water continuously and can add precise doses of chemicals over 30 times each hour if required. The Chemigem measures pH (a measure of the acidity of pool water) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential – a measure of the level of effective chlorine in the water). It is important that both pH and ORP are maintained within a safe range.



  • All D10 pump models have the ability to control salt pools as well as fresh water pools (liquid Chlorine)
  • Work well on low speed pumps
  • Work well on flooded suction pools
  • Can be plumbed in after the pool heater
  • Single long life salt probe which reduces cost to the consumer


Available models:

Chemigem D10 P Dual Pump

Chlorine and pH controller suitable for most pools, with built-in pool circulation pump timer. Supplied with 24V peristaltic pumps and can also control salt chlorinators via the auxiliary outlet.


Chemigem D10 CP Single Pump

Chlorine and pH controller to operate salt chlorinator for chlorine, with pH controlled via a single peristaltic pump.


3 Year warranty

Chemigem D10 Automatic Chemical Dosing System with pumps

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