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Swimming Pool, Spa Parts and Accessories in Joondalup & Craigie

Enjoy a fresh looking pool with our wide variety of products and great service!

Poolmart is your one stop pool shop for all things pool and spa. Whether you need a pool cleaner, pool pump, pool filter, pool heating, onsite pool service or pool supplies of any kind, we'll do our very best to make sure you get top quality advice, service and the right product for you.

We offer both in-store and at home services, and can advise you on the right chemicals, quantities and parts for any pool or spa. With locations in both Joondalup and Craigie we are able to service all surrounding areas.

Our staff are experts in pool care and can help you with your needs any day of the week. Call in to Poolmart today, we are open seven days, all year round. Or drop us a line to chat about your pool needs or with any questions you may have.


At Poolmart in Joondalup & Craigie, we strive to stock everything you'll need to enjoy your pool or spa experience to its fullest. We have swimming pool:

  • chemicals
  • accessories
  • parts
  • cleaners
  • heaters
  • pool blankets and rollers
  • pumps
  • filters

We have pretty much everything you could possibly need to keep your pool or spa in tip top shape, and if we don't have it we can get it. Let us find the parts and accessories to help you keep your pool or spa running perfectly, and without the stress or hassle.

Our team

The staff at Poolmart are dedicated to helping the people of Joondalup, Craigie and everywhere in between get the most out of their pools and spas. Our friendly, experienced team are all experts in pool maintenance and care, and enjoy a challenge! They have been providing customers with solutions to all sorts of pool and spa problems for many years.

We believe that you shouldn't have to spend unwanted time cleaning and maintaining your own pool, so why not let us help you with that part so you can concentrate on enjoying it.There's no need to book an in-store consultation, just come on in and have a chat or book one of our friendly staff for an on-site assessment.


"We have been associated with Poolmart Joondalup & Craigie for over 10 years, providing materials, servicing and replacing worn equipment. Their expertise, assistance, professionalism and pleasant manners has developed a welcome rapport. As pool owners, initially we maintained our pool ourselves, a job found taxing, time consuming and costly, often the results were not very successful. On a particular pool problem, a number weeks of trial, error and expense, with no success in resolving the problem, we approached Poolmart Joondalup & Craigie. With their knowledge and expertise the problem was successfully resolved within the time span indicated by them and the pool returned to a pristine condition. With such success, making (for us) a big judgement call, we requested Poolmart Joondalup & Craigie to maintain our pool. Since that day we never looked back with constant pristine pool conditions. A major set back occurred with damage to our pool, requiring resurfacing of the pool and replacement of the pool filter equipment. In conjunction with the pool repairers, Poolmart took on the task of replenishing the pool, equipment and stabilising the water condition while we were away on an extended holiday. It was such a relief to come back to a pristine pool not a hole in the ground. Yes it does cost, but, at our age we have found that time for ourselves is of more importance, and with the assistance of Poolmart Joondalup & Craigie we have more time for ourselves and know we can jump into our pool at any time we require. We would not have any concern in recommending Poolmart Joondalup & Craigie to any person."
Brian and Ann Sweet